Honda XBR 500. Very good Japanese attempt to create a Brit style bike. Cracking fun until a Renault 5 Turbo wasted me...

VFR 750 FK. ... Up yours Mr Renault 5 Turbo! Fabulous V4 motor, enduring stylish looks. Not as comfortable as Triumph.

Triumph Sprint Executive 900. One of the most stable bikes I've ridden. Triple pot engine even better than the VFR.

1970 Triumph T120. Good looking and great fun until the headstock cracked.

1975 Norton Commando 850 ES. Great grunty engine but awful riding position. Too narrow bars and too high seat.

1989 Benelli 900 SEI. Bought on a whim and then....

1989 Benelli 900 SEI. .... I saw this. Pros: Fantastic noise from 6 into 6. Great handling & brakes. Niche bike. Cons: Engine needed 20 more bhp. Iffy gear change. Seat like a plank of wood. Niche bike.

2015 Moto Guzzi Griso 1200 8V SE. Stunning bike to behold. Pros: Looks. Stonking engine with more torque than a Massey Ferguson tractor. Sheer pose value. Fruity exhaust note. Cons: Uncomfortable seat. Weedy capacity fuel tank (max 100 mile range). Could cause licence to be confiscated.

2015 Moto Guzzi Spot 1200 8V. Great sports/tourer. Pros: Stylish looks, comfy seat, big fuel tank, easy to ride, good luggage options. Fruity exhaust note. Cons: Doesn't quite have the grunt of the Griso although engine specs are similar.


2000 Triumph Thunderbird 900. Ultra low mileage gem. Pros: Stylish looks, comfy seat, big fuel tank, easy to ride. In my opinion the best looking of the 'modern' Triumphs. Cons: Expensive spares, (some unobtainable), rather soft front forks and weak front brake.

2015 Yamaha VMAX 1700. Big, bad & beautiful. A pussycat really, and one of the easiest bikes I’ve ridden, despite it’s rather unjust reputation for being a bit of a handful. The best bike I’ve owned to date…? Pros: Stylish and imposing looks, superb build quality, easy to ride, grin factor. Cons: Ridiculously sized fuel tank for a 1700cc bike. Air intakes prone to sucking in rodents, small children etc. Licence losing potential.


2021 Zero SR/S. Simply stunning electric motorbike. Has completely reset my motorbike thinking. A sheer joy to ride. Stable, stylish, accelerates like no other bike - even puts the VMAX to shame! Lovely 'TRON' like sound. Just wish I could have had one of these 20 years ago when I was younger.