Triumph T150 1000cc Special

The Build

February 2022 Update

The frame is now back from Performance Powder Coatings near Canterbury. It looks superb!

I can now start the build! First thing is to bolt the frame halves together. Attach the centre stand followed by the swing arm and shocks, battery holder, oil tank, front fuel tank mount, oil cooler, fork yokes, grab rail and various other small items including sorting out the custom electrical tray which will take the coils, relays and rectifier.

Then up to a rolling chassis with forks and front & rear wheel.

The 'bike' will then go off to have the engine built into it. Apparently it's a lot easier due to the shear weight of the engine. Ordinarily I'd do it myself. However, I have built twins before, but never a triple, and I know they are complex and need very careful assembly, so I'm not going to attempt it this time.

So there'll be a small gap between the updates as I will also have to get the bike off for the custom exhaust to be made.

Generally though, things should now continue at pace!

rear plates.jpg

Plywood template for rear passenger foot peg and silencer mounting. Not quite right as new rider foot peg position means passenger feet will be too close. Back to the drawing board for some tweaks. 


Left: Brackets for oil cooler, horns and tank mount. Right Close up of tank mount and re-positioned fork stops.


Left: Rear mudguard supports and frame bracing and grab rail brackets. Right: Close up of rear master cylinder bracket.


A bit of a squeeze! Lots of wiring and components as well as oil pipe have to be routed. Different petrol tank mounting point makes things tricky.

At last a basic rolling chassis.

A problem has arisen. What I thought would be a straight swap of T160 rear end into the T150 seems to have gone a bit pear shaped. I don't know how or why but Central Wheel have done the rear wheel offset and it's way too far to the right. I make up special aluminium guides and, in conjunction with a plumb bob, determine the exact centre of the frame and how much the wheel needs to be moved back to the left. It's about 8mm. Central Wheel will do it for free, but I have to pay for postage both ways and an extra £40 for them to remove and refit the rear tyre!

Luckily, I find a local company (VIZMOTO) in Lydd, on Romney Marsh who can do it. It's a set back and extra cost, but I need to get a rolling chassis built to give me the motivation to carry on.


In the meantime I get cracking further on what seems to be a very complicated wiring harness. There's 3 parts: accessories like lights, indicators, horn, instruments etc, charging and electric start. I hope I'm doing it right!

The rear wheel is altered and back. I have all the brakes hoses, so on go the wheels, hoses, yokes, handlebars etc.

It's taking shape, but once again I've come to a standstill as I need things like the mudguards back from the paint shop so I can sort out final brake hose routes, fit rear indicators etc. I'm getting nervous about finding an engine builder as everyone seems so busy, and I'd like to get it done as locally as possible.

While I'm waiting I send off the seat for re-profiling and I buy a standard exhaust. I hate the looks of factory exhaust, but I will need to get an MOT eventually so that I can ride the bike to someone who can make a bespoke system for me.